Wednesday, August 06, 2014

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If you are raised to believe that the Kool-Aide they are serving is manna from heaven, and that the Kool-Aide that others are drinking is the devil’s brew, then there is going to be trouble.
Science can tell us that it’s all Kool-Aide -- until it can pass some predictable tests.  It’s fine to believe whatever you want, but then recognize that your Kool-Aide and their Kool-Aide is really the same drink with different flavors, and the color you’re drinking is due to the accident of where you were born and who your parents are, more than any undeniable truth.
             If the scientific community could find a way to convince people of this, that would be one of it’s major contributions to the world.  But that has not happened over the last couple of thousand years,  since people divided themselves up into tribes.  But now, we have enough interconnectedness and enough information to know better.  But believing that all humans are equal in their insignificance would deny our “leaders” a lot of power, something they have always been very reluctant to relinquish.
            So people continue to find reasons to justify deprivation, torture, rape, death and destruction.  Believing in their hearts that it is the only way to survive. And once they beleive it,  it comes true.

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