Friday, November 26, 2010

Finally, on Thanksgiving

It's been a couple of weeks since I managed to scribble anything down here.  Mostly I've been preoccupied, as the holidays are always very busy at work, families being what they are, nurturing, caring, and warm, while at the same time being judgmental, angry, competitive, duplicitous and full of silent scorn.  It makes the season jolly.

But, this year we had one of the most unique and exciting Thanksgiving celebrations, as our first grandchild, a beautiful daughter, was born right in the middle of the turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes  (and Patriot victory). She was more than a week overdue, so already she is showing a flare for timing and drama.  The whole family was gathered and waiting for the fatherly updates by test message. Being a female was a real crowd pleaser, and the whole group broke into cheers and applause. My daughter, the mother, was trying hard not to wish for a girl, although it was clear that she was.  She and her husband had steadfastly held out early knowledge of the gender, so it came as a happy surprise.

Today were the first visits, in small groups by most of the interested family members.  I got to hold my granddaughter and sneak off into a corner and tell her a few secrets about how the world works.  Just stuff she should know about whom to trust and how to have a good time.

What is amazing is how good and self-contained a one day old person can be.  She had a few little fusses, but was able to find comfort in the warmth of who ever was holding her, and also from her own hands and fingers.  When she became really wet or hungry, she was able to ask for help.  She learned that people are there for her.  She responded by settling right down and snuggling in close. It is fascinating to see how well, at one day old, she can already interact.  Whether she continues to be so successful, and becomes happy and self-assured, or whether she loses that ability to comfort herself and becomes anxious and fretful depends, to a great degree, upon how her environment, especially her parents, react to her.  I have a lot of faith in these parents.

She is coming into the world during an unsettled time, but I think that could be said for any time since the death of Ramesses II, the Pharaoh of Egypt in 1213 B.C.  There rarely has been a good time, as far as societies and nation-states are concerned.  But as far as her own immediate family, she could not be more fortunate.  Her parents are attractive, accomplished, educated, and financially sound.  They seem to get along with each other quite well, and both were very eager to have this child.  These parents are surrounded by over-zealous grandparents, who are each more than willing to fuss, and coo and help this child along.

Not a bad start.  I hope she feels that her first day was a success. She did very well.

Friday, November 12, 2010

To Do List

It's Friday.  I get to stay home and clean up all the administrative work for the week.

1. Wait for baby (still)

2. 5 return calls to clients

3. two calls to doctors

4. one call to lawyer -- conversation made no sense, we talk two different languages

5. Report for long-term disability

6. Report for short-term disability

7. 9 (count 'em) requests to three different insurance companies to authorize more sessions until the end of the year. This includes the "convenience" of going on line, having to put in a new password, after proving that I am who I am, filling out five different screens full of senseless information, and still not knowing if the new sessions will be paid.

8. Still waiting for baby

9. record incoming payments

10. send out list for this weeks billing

11. Two calls to track down two clients who "disappeared" who should know better but don't

12. 5 return emails to clients -- this is new over the last three years.

13. Write to Senator again to tell him not to cut Medicare payments from Medicare, the SGR issue

14. Watch videos of Celtics beating Heat

The easy part is seeing the clients.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

the next big thing

It's not that I haven't been thinking, is just that I haven't been writing.  I wanted to give two or three examples of the frustrations I have, based on my last post.  But then the election got kind of heated, and my friend came from across the mountains, and mostly, we are waiting for this baby to arrive.

I guess a new generation kind of changes things, from what I've been told.  Having a sleeping, eating, crying dependent person enter your world can become the focus of attention, especially as this will be the first of the next generation.  I won't have to get up in the middle of the night that often, I don't think, yet.

But, she, my daughter, is in the end stages of cooking this thing.  Could be today, could be another week.

I've heard this has been done before.  But not by me.  And, like others, being a bit solipsistic, mine is probably the most beautiful, smartest, most clever, with the greatest potential.

Maybe next week I will post 500 pictures.

Right now we just sit and wait, and try not to worry.