Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trying to clean up the mess

I've been back two weeks now and I've been trying, in my own magical way, to clean up the mess I find all around me.  All the crazy thinking I mentioned in my last post.  It seems as if so many parts of our diverse society have become just characatures of themselves.  No one deals with any complexity, few people recognize the overlapping of truths.

But then it gets to be time to step back.  When I see that the same posturing and bullying goes on all over, whether it's about deflated footballs, nuclear war, immigration or the stock market, it all seems like a playground fight between eight year old boys. Certainly, the same level of reasoning.

Look around. Few people  seem to take it at all seriously, and those who do take it so seriously, and seem so obsessed, that they lose all credibility.

I guess it's still summer. Few people want to get all worked up. Most of this stuff will have disappeared before Thanksgiving, and the rest will probably be with us forever, in some form or other  

Today we took our four year old granddaughter on the bumper boats. She had fun sitting in a boat with my wife, trying to squirt me and making the boat go in circles.  She wanted to go on again, but someone pushed the button and the big plaster pirate fired his cannon and water sprayed over everyone.  Suddenly, she remembered she was freighted by the pirates she had seen in some Disney movie and wanted to go home.

On the way home she kept asking questions about pirates, who they were, what they did and how they got that way.  We tried to reassure her that pirates were long ago and far away, and certainly we were watching out, and keeping her safe.

At least the last part is true.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Miss Me?


I have returned.
We have been down here by the water almost all summer, but things got too hectic being all relaxed and social so we had to get away.
We headed north to the empty spaces of the Canadian Maritimes.  We saw the big tides come and go at the Bay of Fundy.  They were everything anyone could ask of tides, but I realized that not everyone cares about tides.

While we were away, as I was looking back over my shoulder, we missed a lot of the fireworks that were political in nature.  It became obvious that not everyone cares much about people either. Money, greed, anger and paranoia are still all the rage.  And rage seems to be the right word.

I read a poll that said that most people in Ohio think that the terrorists are winning the war on terror. I don't know what's going on in Ohio, why they feel surrounded by terrorists.  I know here on the Cape I don't feel the necessity to stand guard on the beach.  It may be that the terrorists are behind the ridiculous prices of some lobster rolls, but I can show you a place that sells a lobster roll BLT that will blow your taste buds away. And not too expensive either.

In Florida the state legislature passed a law forbidding doctors from asking people if they owned guns, and if so, are those guns kept where kids can't get to them.   I guess you can never trust a doctor who worries about kids accidentally shooting other kids. Restricting freedom.

Anyway, I'm back now.  I'll take care of all that. Rest easy.